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2019 Publications

  1.  Monali Madhusmita, Srinivasan T.M., & John Ebnezar, P. P. Mohanty , Singh Deepeshwar, and Balaram Pradhan (2019). Efficacy of Yoga as an add-on to Physiotherapy in the management of Patients with Paraplegia: Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research.
  2.  Chandra, B. H., Ramesh, M. N., & Nagendra, H. R. (2019). Effect of yoga on immune parameters, cognitive functions, and quality of life among HIV-positive children/adolescents: A pilot study. International journal of yoga, 12(2), 132.
  3.  Harichandra, B. P., Ramesh, M. N., & Nagendra, H. R. (2019). Human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome: A relook into the challenge from an integrated, yogic perspective. International Journal of Yoga-Philosophy, Psychology and Parapsychology, 7(1), 3.
  4.  Vijayakumar, V., Mavathur, R., Manjunath, N. K., & Raghuram, N. (2019). Yoga as a safer form of physical activity in type 2 diabetes mellitus: The bidirectional property of yoga in establishing glucose homeostasis. International journal of yoga, 12(2), 174.
  5.  Deepeshwar S, Nagendra HR, Rana BB 2019. Evolution from four mental states to the highest state of consciousness: A neurophysiological basis of meditation as defined in yoga texts. Prog Brain Res; 244:31-83.
  6. Telles S, Singh D, Naveen KV, Pailoor S, Singh N, Pathak S 2019. P300 and Heart Rate Variability Recorded Simultaneously in Meditation. Clin EEG Neurosci; 50(3):161-171.
  7.  Budhi RB, Payghan S, Deepeshwar S 2019. Changes in Lung Function Measures Following Bhastrika Pranayama (Bellows Breath) and Running in Healthy Individuals. International Journal of Yoga; Accepted.
  8. Nagarathna Raghuram MD1, Venkat Ram MD2, Vijaya Majumdar PhD3, Rajesh Sasidharan Kusala PhD3, Amit Singh MD3, Suchitra Patil PhD3, Akshay Anand PhD, Judu Ilavarasu PhD3, Srikanta Bhaskara BE5, Hongasandra Ramarao Nagendra. Primary Prevention of Diabetes through Yoga Lifestyle: A Multicenter Parallel Randomized Controlled Trial in India- Diabetes Care. Impact Factor 13.
  9.  Geetharani A, Nagarathna , *Vijaya M  , Mandeep S 2 , Rambabu S 2 , Rajgopal S 2 , Venkat R 3 , Nagendra HR 1Effectiveness of yoga-based lifestyle treatment in achieving composite treatment goals for Type 2 Diabetes in a rural set up of South India- a retrospective study. Diabetes Res and Clin Practice, Impact factor 2.55.

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