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VaYU Admission Form

Instructions/ Guidelines

VaYU Application Form Sections (No Application Fee)

  • Read this section in detail to understand the Application Form.
  • See bottom of this page before footnote to proceed.
  1. Student Demographic (Name, address, etc.)
  2. Program Information (Program you are applying)
  3. Previous Academic Details (your degree details)
  4. Documents to be Uploaded on the Application Form
a. Resume or CV

Stuck with the Resume creation? You can check the format of the Resume  in this example.

 b. Statement of Purpose (SoP)
How to create a good Statement of Purpose (SoP) 

Statement of Purpose (SoP) file should be in MS Word or PDF format and less than 20 Mb.

Student should upload a short 500-1,000 word essay (1-2 pages) on why you should be admitted to VaYU’s Master of Science (Yoga). Focus on your aptitude and motivation for graduate study in yoga, including your yoga experience (previous yoga experience is not required), your academic plans or research interests in Yoga (if any), and, your future career goals.

A good SoP should cover: your background, career goal, reasons for applying, why you're the best candidate, and future plans.

Instructions for Statement of purpose: 

    • Check for any spelling or grammatical errors.
    • Write in a language that is clear, strong, and concise.
    • Avoid repetition and clichĂ©s.
    • Avoid overly informal language.
    • Your tone should be confident and positive.
c.  Online Learning Skills Inventory  Download, fill, sign and upload this form 

This self-evaluating form ensures that the Applicant has the necessary skills to take and complete VaYU Online MS (Yoga) Program.

    5. Documents to be Requested Officially and emailed directly to apply@vayuusa.org
    a. Transcripts & Degree Certificates

    You should request an official copy of Transcripts (Marks Card) and Degree Certificates from the university you graduated to be sent directly to VaYU admissions office. To ensure prompt response, have them emailed to  apply@vayuusa.org.

    In the interim, you can submit your personal copy of Transcripts and Degree Certificates. We can evaluate your application with these temporary documents in lieu of the official copy directly from your University. Upon evaluation, we could provide you with a conditional admission. Your admission file should be complete with original documents at the time of your enrollment a week before the first day of the  first semester of your program. 

    If you have a degree from a foreign university and your documents are not in English, see Note #7b below.

    b. Recommendation Letter

    VaYU requires you to submit one letter of academic or work recommendation as a part of your admission file. This recommendation cannot be from your relative or friend as that will be considered a personal recommendation. You should have your recommender send the recommendation directly to VaYU by email at apply@vayuusa.org


    Additionally, download  and send this Recommendation Form to your Recommender (in MS Word or PDF  format). Ask your Recommender to fill the form and email it directly to VaYU Admissions. 

    6. Waiver Credit Details for Certified Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists

    If you have VYASA YIC or YITC you will get credit waivers. If you have Yoga Alliance RYT 300/500 or C-IAYT you can elect to do a VaYU Bridge Course in your first semester and get waivers and save on MS (Yoga) Tuition Fee.

    Yoga Instructor or Yoga Therapist Certificate can be submitted by you if and only if you are claiming course waivers. 

     7.  International Students 

      An International Student is defined as someone with a non-US degree

      a. English Language Proficiency Test Scores (International Students only)

      Have your TOEFL (90 minimum) or IELTS (6.5 minimum) or PTE Academic (61 minimum) sent directly to VaYU by email at apply@vayuusa.orgYou can claim a language score exemption if you have (a) completed a bachelors or higher from a university where the primary medium of instruction was English, or (b) your home country's primary spoken language is English.

      b. Transcripts & Degree Certificate is not in English (International Students only)

      If your transcripts/marks card and degree certificate are not in English, we will require an evaluation of the International Student’s Transcripts and Degree Certificate from a foreign degree evaluator who is a member of National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) . Ensure that the details are sent from the evaluation services agency directly to VaYU at apply@vayuusa.org. These evaluation services agencies serve education institutions, professional organizations, regulatory and legal entities, employers, and individuals who need accurate assessments. We recommend you to use Spantran as we have had good experience with them and you do not need to send your originals but scanned electronic copies. We do not have any business association with Spantran, other than being a satisfied customer. We have also found them to be relatively not very expensive. 

      Your Application form will be considered incomplete if any of the above documents are missing. 

      Remarks: No prior Yoga experience is needed for MS (Yoga) admission. We will teach you everything you need to know.


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