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Master of Science (Yoga)

Course Title 

Semester I (9 credits)

YMS101T: Basis of Yoga Therapy 2:0 
YMS102T- Samskritam 2:0

YMS103T: Ancient Yoga Texts – 1 

YMS104P: Preparatory Practices, Asanas, Kriyas, Mudras, Pranayama and Meditation (PCP 28 hours) 0:3

Semester II (7 credits)

YMS201T: Yoga Therapy for Common Ailments -I  2:0
YMS202T: Yoga Therapy for Common Ailments -II  2:0
YMS203T: Research Methodology and Biostatistical Analysis  3:0

Semester III (8 credits)

YMS301T: Ancient Yoga Texts -2  2:0
YMS302T: Advanced Yoga Techniques (PCP 8 hours)  2:1
YMS303P: Yoga Therapy Techniques (PCP 20 hours)  2:1

Semester IV (6 credits) 


    Choose one: Yoga Research, Yoga Therapy, or, Yoga Philosophy

YMS401 – Master’s Research Project
 YMS 402P - Advanced Yoga Therapy - 1
 YMS 403P - Advanced Yoga Therapy - 2
YMS 404T - Seminars in Yoga
 YMS 405T - Advanced Yoga Philosophy
Total Credits  30

Course Number Nomenclature

Courses are numbered as follows:

Y Yoga

MS Master of Science

First Number Semester Number (such as 1,2,3, or 4)

Next Numbers Course Number (such as 01, 02, 03, etc.)

or P "T" for Theory 

"P" for Practice or a PCP Component

For example: YMS 302P  is an Yoga MS  3rd semester 02 (second) course with a Practice or PCP component.

Online Program Format 

In an online format, faculty are in charge of academic engagement through video lectures,  interactive tutorials and managing discussion boards for individual and collective interaction with the students. Student time is spent on online faculty tutorials at their own time, online chats, faculty moderated group discussions, online faculty office hours (optionally offered by faculty), online study or group projects, online assignments and peer interactions. detailed syllabus, weekly topics, assignments (homework, quizzes, tests, final exams, and class participation such as discussion boards, etc.) are provided by each Course Instructor and will be available to registered students. Some Instructors may provide course notes and prescribe textbooks (student purchases this) and references (usually found in VaYU Online Library. No internship or externship is required.

Personal Contact Program (PCP)

Courses in the odd semesters that the student will be enrolled in will have a Personal Contact Program (PCP). This is indicated by the odd semester courses that end with a "P." PCP is mandatory, and is offered at our main campus in Los Angeles and will be conducted in the 15th Week of the semester. PCP is a week-long personal contact program to train students in Asanas (poses), Kriyas (purification practices), Mudras (hand gestures), Bandhas (locks), Pranayama (controlled breathing) and Dhyana (meditation). PCP will be offered at our main campus in Los Angeles in all required semesters. PCP would also be offered in many VaYU satellite campuses in North America and some cities in Asia such as our sister campus in Bengaluru, India or Singapore depending on student interest and faculty availability. PCP class hours may range from 28-40 hours.

Credit Hour Definition1

For VAYU courses in an online lecture format, “1 credit hour” represents the subject content that can be delivered in one academic hour of contact time each week for the full duration of one academic semester, which is typically sixteen weeks (fourteen weeks along with a week for two midterms combined, and, a final examination week). 

For graduate courses, 3-4 hours of outside work is expected for each academic hour of contact time. For courses taught in other than lecture format such as Personal Contact Program (PCP) or research project, one credit-hour represents an amount of content and/or student effort that in aggregate is no less than that described before – typically 28 hours per semester or 2 hours/week/credit. 

VAYU courses for the Master in Science (Yoga) can vary from 2 or 3 credit hours each. 

MS (Yoga) Course Path

For a detailed VaYU Course Catalog click here

Course Path for Master of Science (Yoga) with prerequisite courses represented. Numbers represent ‘Course Credit Hours.’

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