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Online Master of Science (Yoga)

Program Details

VaYU has a unique curriculum for the Online Master of Science (Yoga) delivered in four semesters or 21 months.

Cohort-based program 
Students admitted to a term follow the course of study together throughout the 4-Semester  program. The courses offered for each semester are fixed.

      • 30 Credits in total.
      • 10 courses (24 credits) plus a Masters Research Project (6 credits). 
          • Course numbers ending with 'P' have a practice component of 2.5 hours/week of practice per practice credit hour which is indicated by the second number (after the ':') in the Credits. 
          • Course numbers ending with a 'T' have only theory component and no practice component (second number after the ':' in the Credits is zero).
      • 175 hours of Practical Lab Training
      • Mandatory Personal Contact Program (PCP) 
        • PCP is a week long hands-on in-residence training program in Week 15 of the odd semester of your admission (first and third semester).

Course Catalog

For a detailed Course Catalog click here.

PCP Location

PCP is Offered:

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Course Path 

Application Process Flow



Total Credits: 9

Fees:  $4,650


YMS 101T

Basis of YogaTherapy
 2:0 Credits

YMS 102T

 2:0 Credits

YMS 103T

Ancient Yoga Texts–1
 2:0 Credits

YMS 104P

Preparatory Practices, Asanas Shat Kriyas  0:3 Credits


Total Credits: 7

Fees:  $3,650


YMS 201T

Yoga Therapy for Common Ailments -I
 2:0 Credits

YMS 202T

Yoga Therapy for Common Ailments -II
2:0 Credits 

YMS 203T

Research Methodology and Statistics
 3:0 Credits


Total Credits: 8

Fees:  $4,350


YMS 301T

Ancient Yoga Texts -2
 2:0 Credits

YMS 302P

Advanced Yoga Techniques(PCP 8 hours)
 2:1 Credits

YMS 303P

Yoga Therapy Techniques (PCP 20 hours)
 2:1 Credits


Total Credits: 6

Fees:  $3,300


YMS 401

  Master’s Research Project                  6:0 Credits 

Online Master of Science (Yoga) Tution Fee

Term Credits Cost/ Credit Hour
Tuition Fee per Semester
Registration Fee Total Fee per Semester
Semester-I 9 $ 500 $ 4,500
$ 150
$ 4,650
Semester-II 7 $ 500 $ 3,500 $ 150 $ 3,650
Semester-III 8 $ 525 $ 4,200 $ 150 $ 4,350
Semester-IV 6 $ 525 $ 3,150 $ 150 $ 3,300
Total Program Fee MS (Yoga) 30 $ 15,350 $ 15,950

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