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Total Credits: 9


 Course # Title Credits

YMS 101T

Basis of YogaTherapy  2:0 

YMS 102T

Samskritam  2:0

YMS 103T

Ancient Yoga Texts–1 2:0 

YMS 104P

Preparatory Practices, Asanas Shat Kriyas 0:3 


Total Credits: 7


 Course # Title Credits

YMS 201T

Yoga Therapy for Common Ailments -I

YMS 202T

Yoga Therapy for Common Ailments -II

YMS 203T

Research Methodology and Statistics


Total Credits: 8

 Course # TitleCredits 

YMS 301T

Ancient Yoga Texts -22  2:0

YMS 302P

Advanced Yoga Techniques(PCP 8 hours)

YMS 303P

Yoga Therapy Techniques (PCP 20 hours)

1 Mandatory 'Core' courses for all specializations: YMS 101, YMS 102T, YMS 103T, YMS 104P, YMS 201T, YMS 202T, YMS 203T, YMS 302P, and YMS 303P.

2 Required for Yoga Philosophy Specialization. Optional for other tracks.


Total Credits: 6

  Research Track 

 Course #  Title  Credits

YMS 401

 Master’s Research Project 6:0 

Yoga Therapy Track (options)

 Course #  Title  Credits

YMS 402P

Advanced Yoga Therapy - 1          2:1
YMS 403P  Advanced Yoga Therapy - 2  2:1 

Yoga Philosophy Track

 Course #  Title   Credits

YMS 404T

Seminars in Yoga         3:0
YMS 405T Advanced Yoga Philosophy 3:0 

Special Courses - Offering varies by semester

** VaYU Summer Courses are available for anyone inside or outside of VaYU Enrolled Student Body:

Student can Register for Credit or Audit

Summer '21 Tuition Click here for Privileges for each Option 

- Credit Option (3 Credit Course): 

$1,800 $895 - 50% off Acad. Year Tuition (for Summer only)

- Audit Option: $50

Fall '21 Tuition - $600/credit hour


 Course #     Title  Faculty      Credits

Summer 2021

 YMS 601T 

RMA 102T 

RMA 103T

 Seminars in Yoga3

Intro to Indian Philosophy4

Intro to Buddhism4

Varied Speakers 

B.N. Hebbar  

B.N. Hebbar





Fall 2021

YMS 501T**

Yoga: Biomedical Science & Research5

Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, Ph.D.


3 This Zero Credit course is a graduation requirement for all specializations. Mandatory 80% attendance for one full semester. Students submit a 5 page precis at the end of the Semester.  Student failing this course will repeat this course - no exceptions. This course will be offered every semester.

4 Optional course for Yoga Philosophy and Yoga Therapy specialization. Overload for Yoga Research.

5 This course can be used towards Yoga Therapy & Yoga Philosophy Specialization as optional courses. For Yoga Research Students, this course is mandatory.

* Registration fee per semester of $150; Textbook cost; and Travel cost to PCP (Air, Board & Lodge) not included.

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