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YMS104P - Preparatory Practices, Asanas and Shat Kriyas

We will study preparatory practices (breathing and loosening exercises); the five classes of yoga postures (known as asanas) – standing, sitting, prone, supine, and inverted; the six purification techniques – neti, nauli, dhauti, bhasti, trataka and kapalabhati; the five classic mudras – chin, Chinmaya, adi, brahma, and nasika; and the eight core breathing techniques (known as pranayama) – kapalabhati, vibhagiya svasana, Chandra and Surya anuloma-viloma, Nadh shuddhi, and bhramari; and OM meditation. PCP of 28 hours conducted during Week 15 on VAYU campus.

Course Code : YMS104P 
Semester-Term : Fall I
Prerequisites : None
Credits : 3

Dr. R. Nagarathna

Primary Instructor

Dr. H. R. Nagendra
 Secondary Instructor

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Course Materials
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