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Online Master of Science (Yoga)

Four semester, 30 Credits

For a detailed Course Catalog see (click here)

VaYU has a unique online curriculum for the Online Master of Science (Yoga) program delivered in four semesters (30 credits). Program duration is 21 months. Admitted students follow a cohort-based program, i.e., the same course of study throughout their four semesters, consisting of 10 online courses (totaling 24 credits), and, an online research project of 6 credits or equivalent 2 additional courses, for a total of 30 credits (see course path). 

Students can choose one of the following optional tracks to specialize in: (i) Yoga Therapy; (ii) Yoga Research; and (iii) Yoga Philosophy. While Yoga Research Track needs a 6 credit thesis, Students specializing in Yoga Therapy or Yoga Philosophy can substitute course work for part or all of the research project. 

A mandatory week-long (28 hours) Personal Contact Program (PCP) in the 13th week of the first and third semester is the highlight of the program with face-to-face hands-on training. PCP is a physical gathering of students to obtain deeper training on certain aspects of Yoga in Asanas (physical postures), Kriyas (purification techniques), Mudras (hand gestures), Bandhas (locks), and Pranayama (control of vital energy through breathing), and Meditation.

PCP is usually offered at the main campus in Los Angeles, USA, but might be offered across VaYU satellite campuses across the US, Asia (China, Japan, Singapore, and Bengaluru, India) depending on student demand and faculty availability. PCP locations are announced early during the semesters it is required.

Online Master of Science (Yoga) Program Highlights

Four Semesters, 21-months, 30 Credits

Online MS (Yoga) Program Highlights

    • 10 Core Courses
    • Specialization in one of the streams below in 4th Semester
      • Yoga Therapy (2 additional courses), 
      • Yoga Research (Semester-long Research Project), 
      • Yoga Philosophy (2 additional courses or Project), 
    • 175 hours of Practical Lab Training; and, 
    • Personal Contact Program (PCP) of 28 hours each in the 13th week of the first and third semester in residency or online during COVID times.

Certifications for Online MS (Yoga) Program Graduates

C-IAYT from  International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) 

VaYU and the International Association of Yoga Therapy (IAYT) share a common goal of promoting evidence-based practices rooted in traditional ancient Indian wisdom.

As an IAYT Member School, students actively enrolled in VaYU are eligible to join IAYT at a discounted Student Member rate to receive access to IAYT publications (Yoga Therapy Today, International Journal of Yoga Therapy), special rates for IAYT conferences, and other discounted products and services.

Graduates of VaYU’s Online MS (Yoga) may learn more about the IAYT-certification (C-IAYT) Portfolio Review & Evaluation (PR&E) pathway here. VaYU does not guarantee certification through IAYT at this time. Interested candidates may write to IAYT using Contact Us on iayt.org to request more information.

Yoga Instructor Certificate (YIC)

All Graduates of the VaYU's Online MS (Yoga) Program get a Yoga Instructor Certificate (YIC) from SVYASA

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) 

VaYU's Online MS (Yoga) Program Training far exceeds the requirements for Registered Yoga Certificate (RYT-200) from Yoga Alliance. VaYU's partner schools will provide the certification if a Graduate desires. 

More on MS (Yoga) ...  

Notice to Prospective Degree Program Students

  • This institution is provisionally approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, State of California to offer degree programs. To continue to offer this degree program, this institution must meet the following requirements:

    • Become institutionally accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education, with the scope of the accreditation covering at least one-degree program.
    • Achieve accreditation candidacy or pre-accreditation, as defined in regulations, by (date two years from date of provisional approval), and full accreditation by (date five years from date of provisional approval).

If this institution stops pursuing accreditation, it must:

  • Stop all enrollment in its degree programs, and
  • Provide a teach-out to finish the educational program or provide a refund.

An institution that fails to comply with accreditation requirements by the required dates shall have its approval to offer degree programs automatically suspended.

VaYU Bridge Courses

For a detailed Course Catalog see (click here)

If you are a certified Yoga Instructor or a certified Yoga Therapist, you could be eligible for course waivers for Online Master of Science (Yoga). However, to upgrade to VaYU's high standards, certain certificate holders may need to upgrade their certifications via a VaYU Bridge Course. 


  • If you are a graduate of Yoga Instructor’s Course (YIC) from VYASA USA, you are  eligible for  a one course waiver (3 Credits).
  • If you are a graduate of Yoga Therapist Instructor’s Course (YTIC) or PGDYT (Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy) from VYASA USA, you are eligible for two course waiver (5 Credits).
  • If you are a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200 or above) from Yoga Alliance, you are eligible for a one course waiver of 3 credits after taking a short 1-week Bridge course that includes an 8-hour Personal Contract Program (PCP). You will also get the upgraded YIC certification from VYASA USA.
  • If you are a Certified Yoga Therapist C-IAYT from International Association of Yoga Therapists  (IAYT), you are eligible for two course waivers of 5 credits after taking a short 2-week VaYU Bridge  course that includes a 16-hour Personal Contract Program (PCP). You will also get the upgraded YTIC certification from VYASA USA.

Bridge Course Details


VaYU faculty consists of some of the most highly accomplished researchers and teachers in the field of yoga, globally. They have been selectively recruited from SVYASA – the first and premier Yoga research university in the world.


  • Faculty publish their research regularly in international journals such as Intl. J. of Yoga; J. Diabetes, Metabolic Disorders & Control; Intl. J. Education and Research in Health Sciences; J. Neurosciences in Rural Practice; J. Bodywork and Movement Therapies; Advances in Integrative Medicine, Supportive Care in Cancer; J. Diabetes in Developing Countries; North Amer. J. Medical Sci; J. Complementary & Integ. Med.; Intl. Rev. Psychiatry; Annals of Allergy, Asthma Immunology; J Womens Health, Issues Care; J. Acupuncture & Meridian Studies; J. Ayurveda and integrative medicine, et cetera.

Academic Calendar

Classes begin on the first day of the semester and all financial dues must be cleared by students to access the Learning Management System (LMS) to begin the study in earnest. Online courses for the VaYU programs are delivered through LMS. Generally, a multi-year (4 or 5) academic calendar will be announced by the VaYU Registrar. The dates in the academic calendar hold good, unless otherwise stated or announced by the Registrar via the VaYU web, LMS, or by email due to circumstances beyond the control of VaYU.

Pedagogical Approach & Credit Computation

The faculty engages with students through video lectures, interactive tutorials, and discussion boards, individually and collectively. Student time is spent on online faculty tutorials, online chats, faculty-moderated group discussions, online study or group projects, online assignments, and peer interactions.

Publications & Theses

As part of the six-credit research project of VaYU’s M.S. (Yoga) Program, students are required to write a thesis. A thesis is required for students choosing the Yoga Research Track. VaYU faculty have directed many Masters and Phd students in writing of their theses; they also publish regularly in high-impact journals. Click “More” to see a list of top 10 Masters/PhD theses and publications

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