Following is a list of faculty career research publications.

  1. Raghuram Nagarathna, Venkat Ram, Vijaya Majumdar, Sasidharan Kusala Rajesh, Singh Amit, , Patil S Suchitra, Akshay Anand, Judu Ilavarasu, Bhaskara Srikanta, Jagannadha Rao Basa Hongasandra Ramarao Nagendra. Efficacy of a yoga based life style program on risk reduction of diabetes and regression to normoglycemia, a Multicenter Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial, NMB-2017. BMJ Open Diabetes Research and Care, 2020. [Accepted] [Impact Factor: 5.1]No Link yet. The paper has been accepted but not published.
  2. Venkatrao, M., Nagarathna, R., Patil, S. S., Singh, A., Rajesh, S. K., & Nagendra, H. (2020). A composite of BMI and waist circumference may be a better obesity metric in Indians with high risk for type 2 diabetes: An analysis of NMB-2017, a nationwide cross-sectional study. Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, 161, 108037. [Impact Factor: 3.239]
  3. Nagarathna, R., Ram, C. V. S., Rajesh, S. K., Singh, A., Majumdar, V., Patil, S., & Nagendra, H. R. (2019). 129-OR: Diabetes Prevention through Yoga-Based Lifestyle: A Pan-India Randomized Controlled Trial. Diabetes, 68 (Supplement 1) [Impact Factor: 7.273]
  4. Arumugam, G., Nagarathna, R., Majumdar, V., Singh, M., Srinivasalu, R., Sanjival, R., ... & Nagendra, H. R. (2020). Yoga-based lifestyle treatment and composite treatment goals in type 2 Diabetes in a rural South Indian setup-a retrospective study. Scientific reports, 10(1), 1-10. [Impact Factor: 4.525]
  5. Vijayakumar, V., Mavathur, R., Mooventhan, A., & Manjunath, N. K (2018). Moving beyond HbA1C and plasma glucose levels to understand the glycaemic status in type 2 diabetes mellitus. Journal of Diabetes, 10(7), 609-610. [Impact Factor: 3.213]
  6. Ertsey, C., Csepany, E., Manjunath, N.K., Vasudha, M.S., Nagendra, H.R., Jankovic, S.V., Pakpour, A., Srivastava, A. (2015) The comprehensive headache-related quality of life questionnaire: status report, Cephalalgia, 35: 181-182. [Impact Factor: 4.438]
  7. Deepeshwar S, Suhas A Vinchurkar, Naveen KV, and Nagendra HR (2015). Hemodynamic responses on prefrontal cortex related to meditation and attentional task. Frontiers in System Neuroscience, 8(252):1-13. [Impact Factor: 3.928]
  8. Ratcliff, C. G., Milbury, K., Chandwani, K. D., Chaoul, A., Perkins, G., Nagarathna, R., … & Arun, B. (2016). Examining Mediators and Moderators of Yoga for Women With Breast Cancer Undergoing Radiotherapy. Integrative Cancer Therapies, 15(3):250-62. [Impact Factor: 2.634]
  9. Chandwani, K. D., Perkins, G., Nagendra, H. R., Raghuram, N. V, Spelman, A., Nagarathna, R., and Cohen, L. (2014). Randomized, controlled trial of yoga in women with breast cancer undergoing radiotherapy. Journal of Clinical Oncology,32(10):1058-65. [Impact Factor: 26]
  10. Nagarathna, R., and Nagendra, H. R. (1985). Yoga for bronchial asthma: a controlled study. British Medical Journal, 291: 1077-10. [Impact Factor: 27]