Notice to Prospective Degree Program Students


Ph.D. requires long term commitments from the student, the Faculty Guide, and the institution. Typically, it takes a diligent student 6-8 years to complete the program beyond Bachelor’s or 3-5 years beyond a Master’s. Students admitted to the Ph.D. (Yoga) program must complete a total of 66-credits beyond Bachelor’s Degree to earn their Ph.D. degree.


The objective of VaYU’s Ph.D. (Yoga) Program is to develop an independent researcher with: 

  • A comprehensive knowledge of, and skills in Yoga. 
  • Ability to formulate a substantial research question in an uncharted aspect of a sub-discipline. 
  • Ability to explore, discover and uncover new knowledge and methodologies in the service of humanity.

Learning Outcomes of Ph.D. (Yoga)

Students graduating with a Ph.D.(Yoga) from VaYU

  • Would be competent to carry out independent research
  • Have comprehensive knowledge and skills in Yoga.
  • Are equipped to formulate a substantial research question in an uncharted aspect of a sub-discipline.
  • Are able to explore, discover and uncover new knowledge and methodologies in the service of humanity.

Program Structure

Students admitted to a term follow the course of study together throughout the 6 - 10 Semester program. The Program requirements are:

  • 36 Credits after Masters or 66 Credits after Bachelor's Degree.
    • Coursework of 20 credits (or 6 - 7 courses), plus
    • A Doctoral Dissertation of 16 credits

Admission Dates

VaYU has two intakes for the Ph.D. Program:

  • Fall Semester
    • Application Deadline: Completed Applications by Friday of the 2nd week of August
    • 1st  day of classes: Monday of the 4th week of August, and
  • Spring Semester
    • Application Deadline: Completed Applications by Friday of the 1st week of January.
    • 1st  day of classes: Tuesday of January 3rd week after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., holiday.

Admission Criteria

Admission to the Ph.D. (Yoga) program is in either of two ways:

  1. An MS (Yoga) degree holder from VaYU or any other recognized institution of higher learning with a CGPA of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale, can apply for the Ph.D. program.
  2. A candidate with a 4-year Bachelor’s degree in any discipline can apply for the MS/Ph.D. program but will have to first complete all the requirements for an MS (Yoga) program at VaYU before being formally admitted to the Ph.D. program.

Mode of Delivery

The program will be delivered in a hybrid mode – online and on-campus/field. For courses requiring face-to-face practical training, a Personal Contact Program (PCP) will be conducted for some courses at our physical address 15311 Pioneer Blvd, Norwalk, CA 90650. The actual dates of this are provided in the University Calendar. Students will work in the field as appropriate during their thesis work in conjunction with their Research Thesis Guides for data collection and/or training.

NOTE:  For more detailed information, please see the PDF files below. You can view them in the PDF viewer, download them for later use or even print them directly from the viewer without downloading.

Program Description

Courses for the Ph.D. Program

Ph.D. students will have to complete 20 credits of coursework at VaYU.

  •  For course details please refer to the School Catalog.
  • A maximum of '6 credits' of coursework can be transferred from another institute of higher learning, as long as these credits have not been applied towards a degree.
    • Upon enrollment, a student will have to apply to the Registrar's Office for a 'Course Transfer' request.
  • A maximum of two YMS 3XX courses can be counted towards the Ph.D. requirement.
    • No YMS 1XX or YMS 2XX can be applied toward the Ph.D. Program coursework requirements.
  • Not all courses are offered in all semesters. Some courses may have prerequisites.
    • Details of the above courses including, course objectives, learning outcomes, topics covered, and evaluation, are provided when you enroll in the Ph.D. program and register for the course.

Course Path

Course Path for Ph.D. (Yoga) with prerequisite courses represented. Numbers represent ‘Course Credit Hours.’

Program Framework Flowchart

Program Framework and Plan