About VaYU

VaYU is the world’s first university devoted to graduate education and research in Yoga outside of India where Yoga originated thousands of years ago.

VaYU objectives are three-fold:

  • Dissemination of Yoga education and practices deciphered from ancient Indian texts;
  • Propagation of Evidence-based Yoga supported by modern scientific research; and
  • Preparing the working Professional and the seeker alike to reach their fullest potential in Yogic practices allowing healthful functioning of the body and the mind.


VaYU Online M.S. (Yoga) is a cohort-based program wherein all students take the same set of courses throughout the program in each semester. Students taking less than full load of courses is possible but discouraged, and may subsequently result in delayed graduation.


VaYU Online M.S. (Yoga) Program is 4-semesters long. Students admitted in Fall complete the program in 21-months.

Students admitted in Spring complete the program in 24-months.

If you start in August (Fall) of Year 1, you will graduate in May (at the end of Spring) of Year 2.

If you start your program in the January (Spring) of Year 1, you will graduate in December (at the end of Fall) of Year 2.

International students

Yes. Please see the procedure to accept your degrees and English requirements. You may have to take TOEFL/ IELTS/ PTE and attain a minimum score if your medium of instruction has not been in English during your highest degree attained.


During the first and the third semester, a week-long personal contact program or PCP will be offered to train students in physical aspects of yoga inclusive of Asanas (poses), Kriyas (unambiguous actions), Mudras (hand gestures), Pranayama (controlled breathing) and Meditation.

PCP will be offered at our main campus in Los Angeles. PCP would also be offered in many VaYU satellite campuses in North America and some cities in Asia such as our sister campus in Bengaluru, India or Singapore. During COVID times, the PCP has been shifted to an Online format.


VaYU's Online Master of Science (Yoga) program for the Fall semester starts in August. Spring semester starts in January.

Tuition and Aid

VaYU makes this graduate education very affordable for you. For the latest tuition schedule see Tuition and Aid. Additional costs for the PCP may include travel, boarding and lodging to the VaYU PCP center. PCP is conducted twice during the program in the 13th week of the first and the third semester. A registration fee is levied each semester. Cost of books and materials are extra.