New Delhi: Vivekananda Yoga University in America will hold its first convocation on June 12 where 23 students will be awarded graduation certificates. Many eminent yoga gurus, yogacharyas etc. are likely to attend the first convocation of the university. The event will be held on the University campus in Los Angeles. Dr H R Nagendra, Chairman, Board of Trustees of Vivekananda Yoga University said, “We are proud to announce that we are taking the path of Yoga towards totality following the path of Yoga that Swami Vivekananda brought to the West in 1893. Have come up with a point of view.

Even in modern scientific research, things have come out in its favor.” Prem Bhandari, founder director of Yoga University, said, “It is a matter of great pride that Vivekananda University is organizing its first convocation. All the credit for the establishment of this university in America goes to Dr. Nagendra. This will go a long way towards producing a long army of trained yoga gurus and researchers in the West.” Vivekananda Yoga Vishwavidyalaya was jointly inaugurated by PP Choudhary, President.

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