It's February: Welcome to Heart-Health Month.

Lot to share as the VaYU MS/Ph.D. students and faculty are immersed in authentic learning and practicing in the 3rd week of VaYU's Spring 2024 semester.

VaYU Wisdom: Did you know, the word for ‘heart’ in Sanskrit is hṛdayam (हृदयम्) and the bīja mantra for Anāhata Chakra (Heart Chakra)) is yam (यम्)?

hṛ = to take, da = to give, yam = to move about. The very process of blood circulation to and from the heart is built into the word itself!

The bigger picture is the symbolism of receiving love from the universe and giving it back to society, filtering, and letting go of impurities.

The practice of heart-opening āsana-s (postures), prāṇāyāma (mindful breathing), bīja mantra recitation, and dhyāna (meditation) are key to opening the heart for self-love to societal healing and transformation.

All three specializations of VaYU's MS Yoga programs are relevant here, (Philosophy, Therapy, and Research) playing a role in improving the heart-health and preventing as well as reversing suffering.

Are you intrigued? Well, come join us for FALL 2024. APPLY NOW.

Exciting semester and year ahead with an accreditation-milestone, distinguished speaker series, CME (Continuing Medical Education), and scholarships.

Thank you for your commitment.
See you at VaYU!