Mr. Ravi Tilak



Mr. Ravi Tilak is President of Almex USA, Inc., a company specializing in metallurgical plants and process equipment supply to the Aluminum industry worldwide. Mr. Tilak has a Master's Degree in Metallurgical Engineering and has 16 patents to his credit. He is a graduate of IIT Bombay (1980) and is known in the aluminum industry for “value creation”.

Mr. Tilak has been a Trustee of American India Foundation, of which President Clinton is the Honorary Chairman. Mr. Tilak is active in several Indo-American philanthropic and community activity organizations such as Akshaya Patra USA, SAHARA, Dharma Civilization Foundation, Ekal Vidyalaya USA, Pratham USA, and BMM USA. Mr. Tilak is also an active member of The American Society for Metals (ASM) and The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS).