Sonali Sambhus

Board of Director, Silicon Valley Tech Executive, Startup Advisor

Sonali is an accomplished CTO/VP-level tech executive, a distinguished board member in public [Nasdaq: AVDX, MKT CAP:$2B+], private and venture-backed companies, a successful entrepreneur, an Advisor to VC firms, and a former VP at Square [Nasdaq:SQ, MKT CAP: $32B+] who has 25 years of industry experience in seamlessly leveraging deep technical prowess for astute business impact.

She currently sits on the Risk, Compensation, Audit, and M&A committees for AvidXChange Inc., a leader in accounts payable automation and payments for mid-market businesses. She also actively manages her own startup consulting firm, assisting startups in achieving growth, scaling operations, securing capital, and expanding their industry reach. Previously she served as an independent board member of a Series D startup Commonbond, an innovative venture-funded fintech, guiding the company through its next scalable opportunity.

She has over a decade of yoga practice under her belt.  Her quest for deepening her yoga knowledge led her to complete her Yoga Teacher Training in 2020. Yoga has transformed her life bringing physical and emotional upliftment. Yoga has been transformative for her, enhancing both her physical and emotional well-being. A fervent advocate for yoga's potential to foster a healthier world, this passion guided her to join VaYu.

She has earned a Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Rutgers University, certificates from the University of California Berkeley, a Masters's Certificate in Management from The George Washington School of Business, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering from the College of Engineering Pune.

Sonali hails from Pune, Maharashtra and now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, two daughters, and her mom.